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LUPICARP: Innovative functional foods from sweet lupin for cardiovascular prevention


The objective of the project LUPICARP is to assess the health benefits on dislipidemia prevention of innovative food products based on lupin proteins, starting from some preliminary results provided by two past European collaborative projects (Healthy-Profood & Bioprofibre). The core RTD activity is the implementation of a multicenter randomized dietary intervention study with LDL-cholesterol as main end-point aimed to compare the hypolipidemic effect of lupin proteins vs. animal proteins. Besides LDL-cholesterol, other inflammatory and metabolic markers will be investigated. In addition, the detailed metabolism of cholesterol will be analysed to assess the mechanism of action. The project will include also product development and optimization, with particular reference to the nutrition profiles of the lupin foods. Specific activities will be dedicated to assess the quality of the lupin proteins in the food products. Innovation activities will be dedicated also to the application of a "New Concept Development" for new products, new services and new markets for enterprises. To reach these objectives the LUPICARP consortium includes 5 food producing SMEs, 1 lupin ingredient manufacturer and 5 RTD performers expert in product innovation, food processing, clinical nutrition, pharmacology. See "Participants" for their logos and links. Efficient technology transfer will be ensured to improve the competitiveness of participating SMEs.
LUPICARP is a two-years project started on October 1st 2011, coordinated by prof. Anna Arnoldi, Department of Endocrinology, Pathophysiology and Applied Biology, University of Milan, Italy

Contract details

SP4-Capacities, Research for the benefits of specific groups - Research for SMEs: PF7-SME-2011, Grant Agreement No. 285819

Curriculum of the coordinator

Dr. Anna Arnoldi is professor of Food chemistry and Functional foods at the School of Pharmacy of the University of Milan (Italy). She is author of over 150 papers on international journal or books, over 150 oral / poster communications at congresses, and 6 patents.
The main research interests are: the health promoting components of grain legumes (soybean, lupin, pea), the development of innovative functional foods for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, the toxicological and sensory consequences of the food processing, the development of innovative methods for food quality assurance based on mass spectrometry and proteomics.
She is considered one major expert on lupin proteins worldwide and she will represent Europe in the Steering Committee of the International Food Legume Research Conference-VI (Canada 2014). She is also General Secretary of the Italian Society of Nutraceutics (SINUT).
She has been the coordinator or scientific coordinator of 4 European research projects: PROCESSED-FOODS "Optimisation of the Maillard reaction. A way to improve quality and safety of thermally processed food", 1996-1999; HEALTHY-PROFOOD "Optimised processes for preparing healthy and added value food ingredients from lupin kernels, the European protein-rich grain legume", 2003-2005; BIOPROFIBRE "Development of cholesterol lowering foods through bioactive proteins and fibres", 2006-2009; LUPICARP "Innovative functional foods from sweet lupin for cardiovascular prevention". 2011-2013.
She is also one of founders of the academic spin-off HPF-Nutraceutics, whose mission consists in the development of innovative nutraceuticals from legumes.


December 2011

The kick-off meeting of LUPICARP has been organized on 2011/12/05 in Milan



LUPICARP Project, coordinated by Anna Arnoldi, DEFIB, University of Milan, via Balzaretti 9, 20133, Milano, Italy,